Contrast, a camera solution that fits both in school, work or at home both when it comes to functions as well as design. Some want XY table, some don't , Contrast can be used both with or without XY table.

If One wants split screen with higer resolutions to a PC that is not problem , just connect the computer and you can ha split functions both horizontal or vertical, you choose.

If a distance camera is needed for a working or a school environment an extra distance HD camera can easily be connected, you choose.

If you need many or none false coulors that is also easily done, you choose.

Can Contrast really everything, No of couse not, but it can a real lot and with a very good performance. As everybody knows, nobody is the like another , but Contrast will suit the most.

Contact us direct or one of our distributors around the world , to be able to test the unit in you environment.

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