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The Tempus HD is all things in one, simple to install and equally simple to handle. Magnifying camera and screen all in the same system! A single cable in the wall and a button for on and off! And no complicated settings to be able to use it!

When developing the Tempus HD we have given a great deal of thought to the user that spends a lot of time at home and wanat an easy to use system. Thanks to a really low reading table, it is particularly considerate for the body to work with. What is more, we have put a great deal of thought into vision ergonomics and high picture quality.

Tempus is available in black or white colour and the following screen sizes: 20", 22", 24" och 27"

Tempus variants

  • Part.no: 10112013Tempus black 20"
  • Part.no: 10112213 Tempus black 22"
  • Part.no: 10112413 Tempus black 24"
  • Part.no: 10112713 Tempus black 27"
  • Part.no: 10112014 Tempus white 20"
  • Part.no: 10112214 Tempus white 22"
  • Part.no: 10112414 Tempus white 24"
  • Part.no: 10112714 Tempus white 27"

Technical facts

  • Weight (20" monitor) 14,5 kg
  • Magnificatio (20" monitor) 1,8-70x
  • Resolution 1280x720
  • Working height  220-330 mm
  • False colours
  • Reading line
  • Curtains

Try out a Tempus for a experience out of the ordinary!

User guides