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Solo Classic

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Solo Classic is a camera that makes it possible for people with impaired vision to see text and illustrations in a magnified form on the computer screen. What is unique with Solo is that the same camera can be used for objects at a distance to, for example, what a teacher writes on the board. No extra lighting is required, no mass of cables to get in the way, not even extra muscle to carry it all. Just Solo and a computer – just, on your marks, get set, go!

The fact that Solo Classic is so light to carry with you and so easy and quick to set up satisfies the conditions needed for this. Need to study in the library? Just collect all the books and periodicals you need, set up Solo Classic and start reading.

Group work with fellow students on the agenda? The same thing applies here, whether your in a café or at a friend’s home, just set up Solo Calssic and go.

...and you´re up and running

Tecnical facts

Magnification 1,8 - 85x (19" monitor)


Battery capacity 2,5 hours

Resolution monitor 1280x720

Resolution Computer 832x624

Working distance 270 mm

Split image

Weight 1,1 kg

Supports USB, VGA

Powersupply 12V or battery  

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